A meeting with Turkmen students at the Embassy in Seoul

April 30th, 2016 In the premises of the Embassy in Seoul was held a meeting with Turkmen students who study in Korean universities.
During the meeting, students were informed about last important news and current reformations that happen in Turkmenistan, including events that are held in Turkmenistan and abroad in the framework of  25th Anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan and 2016 - the Year of Respect for Heritage.
A special attention was made about the importance of dignified presentation of Turkmenistan through good academic performance and gaining valuable experience during the studies for future implementation of the knowledge gained for Turkmenistan’s development. 
Recommendations on active participation of the students in the various events that are held by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Republic of Korea were also given at this event. 
During this event, students were offered to enjoy traditional Turkmen cuisine.