Turkmenistan team is in the lead of total medal count

The first gaming day of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games is completed. The official opening of the Games is to be held on September 17 however, the first sets of medals in jujitsu and national Turkmen wrestling have been contested and futsal matches have been started. By the results of the competitions, Turkmenistan national team leads in total medal count with 37 medals where 16 gold, 14 silver and 7 bronze medals.

The first gold to the collection of national team was brought by jujitsu duo classic competitions. Jelilmuhammed Hojamuradov and Murad Gimmiyev in men’s double and Jahan Durdiyeva and Mekan Nurjikov in mixed won the gold. Patma Hojayeva and Murad Gimmiyev also won the gold in duo show. Patma Hojayeva and Jahan Durdiyeva also won silver medals in two jujitsu disciplines – duo show and duo classic. The bronze in men’s double duo show was won by Ahmet and Yusup Tangriberdiyev.

Full contact jujitsu rounds were held in the afternoon where Turkmenistan team has demonstrated good result. Fhraddin Abdullayev (69 kg), Begenchmurad Kakabayev (77 kg) and Rustem Penjiyev (85 kg).

The silver in contact jujitsu was won by Davut Nuriyev (62 kg), Annageldy Annasahedov (69 kg), Rustam Rozmetov (77 kg) and Vyacheslav Ishkhanyan (85 kg).

Performance of our team in national Turkmen wrestling free style was also quite successful. 18 Turkmenistan wrestlers were in the final and it was only representatives of our country who were qualified for six final fights. It guaranteed them the medals in each weight category.

Allanur Gochov (57 kg(, Novruz Eyeberdiyev (62 kg), Dovletgeldy Berdiyev (68 kg), Silapberdy Nuriyev (82 kg), Seydi Batyrov (100 kg), Rejepaly Orazaliyev (above 100 kg) won the gold. Lachyn Badagliyeva (52 kg), Zuhra Madraimova (58 kg), Gulnar Hayitbayeva (63 kg) and Nasiba Sukriyeva (70 kg) were the best in women competitions.

Yakubov Yakubnazar (57 kg), Toylimurad Durdymuradov (68 kg), Orazmammet Velmammedov (75 kg), Begmyrat Baydurdiyev (82 kg), Ovezgeldy Berdiyev (90 kg), Byashim Ayazov (100 kg) Annamurad Muradov (above 100 kg) won silver medals. Dinara Halliyeva (63 kg) were the silver medal winner among the women.

Six Turkmen wrestlers – two men Derya Abdiyev and Arslan Ibragimguliev and four women Maksuda Egemberdiyeva, Jahan Muhammedova, Gulfia Jumayeva and Rano Uzakova, are among bronze winners in free style national Turkmen wrestling.

Classic style national Turkmen wrestling competitions are to start on September 18.

Women futsal matches have been started on the first day of competitions on Ashgabat 2017 Games. Group A, where Turkmen national team plays, presents special interest for us.

In the first match, the host of the tournament yielded to Hong Kong team, however they are able to correct the situation in the next matches with Japan and China. Japanese futsal players were better and won China with 5:2 score. In B group, Iran beat Palestine with volleyball score 16:1.

Representatives of men futsal team started contesting in the afternoon. Chinese Taipei in stubborn struggle managed to win Vietnam with 2:1 score. The match between Solomon Islands and Hong Kong ended up with 4:1 score. Afghanistan confidently won the People’s Republic of China with 6:1 score. UAE team took over Maldives with 3:1 score.

Sportsmen and numerous foreign guests are looking forward to bright official opening ceremony of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Marco Balich, the President of Balich Worldwide Shows noted that coming show would be one of the largest performances. The scale of the ceremony is highlighted by the fact that around 7 500 performers and 200 musicians would be participating in it. Unique lighting and musical solutions have been prepared.

The competency of this company is proven by its working experience at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Peking in 2008 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, closing ceremony of Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, exhibition in Milano in 2015 and other important international events.

Meanwhile, flag hoisting ceremonies of the countries, which delegations arrived in Turkmen capital for participation in V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, have been completed.

The hoisting of each flag was held in solemn atmosphere under the sounds of national anthems of these countries. Teams’ captains received memorable presents in honour of this remarkable event. The sportsmen were greeted by artistic bands of the hosts of the Games by bright musical and dance performances.

High level of readiness and technical provision of the Olympic village with excellent Press Centre for informational support of the Games, International Broadcasting centre and where all conditions are made for efficient live broadcasting of the competitions at all facilities, were highlighted during the press conference with participation of representatives of foreign mass media.