On October 16, 2020, in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, an international briefing was organized on the activities of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and the International Association “Türkmen alabaý itleri.”

The briefing was attended by the heads and representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the country, in particular the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, the State Association "Turkmenatlary", the International Association “Türkmen alabaý itleri,” as well as heads and representatives of diplomatic missions and representative offices of international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of local and foreign media. Members of the International Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding Association and the International Association “Türkmen alabaý itleri” from Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland and China participated in the briefing via videoconference.

Warmly welcoming all the participants, Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan B. Myatiev emphasized the important role of this meeting in terms of preserving and popularizing cultural values ​​- national treasures of Turkmenistan, namely the graceful Akhal-Teke horse and the faithful companion of the Turkmen people – Alabay dog, as well as improving the activities of these Associations.

This briefing provided an opportunity to consider the key areas of work of these important structures, which unite not only specialists and lovers of the world of horse breeding and cynology, but also the international community, which made sure that cultural values ​​unite the peoples of the world and strengthen humanitarian dialogue between the countries.

As is known, Turkmenistan has put forward a proposal to include the art of Akhal-Teke horses breeding and the specifics of the selection of the Turkmen Alabay into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

In their speeches, General Director of the State Association "Turkmenatlary" A. Berdyev, Deputy Chairman of the International Association “Türkmen alabaý itleri” A. Yazmyradov, Head of the Environment and Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Turkmenistan D. Saparmyradov, also head of the National Equestrian Group "Galkynysh" P. Bayramdurdyev provided very important information based on historical facts, which is very important from the point of view of promoting the activities of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and the International Association of “Türkmen alabaý itleri.”

During her speech, the Director of the German horse breeding company “Jeýkob Ferdezuçt GBR,” member of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding Ms. Katarina-Irena Anne-Margarita Jacob noted the efficiency of multiyear collaboration with the Turkmen partners in the area of Akhal-Teke horse breeding. 

In her turn, Ms. Irina Stashevskaya, member of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and cynologist-expert of the Union of Cynologist Organizations of Russia underlined the uniqueness of the ancient Alabai dog breed and shared valuable recommendations on further vectors of cooperation. 

In the course of informative speeches, it was emphasized that today these authoritative organizations established in Turkmenistan, uniting in their ranks many professionals and horse breeders, dog handlers, including scientists and amateurs, connoisseurs of these unique national breeds are doing colossal work to further increase the world fame of Akhal-Teke horses and Alabai.

The importance of the Akhal-Teke horse and Alabay for the Turkmen people was especially noted in the context of preserving the national identity and material value of the ancestors, who for thousands of years managed to form them on the Turkmen land as a result of folk selection.