On January 28, 2020, presentation of the UN Development Programme Global Report on Human Development in 2019 took place in the Yildiz Hotel. Representatives of the ministries and departments of the country, public organizations, teachers of high educational institutes, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Turkmenistan and international organizations took part in the forum.

The main theses and key conclusions of the Report, comments on progress achieved by our country for the last 10 years as well as the role of the UNDP in support of sustainable development has been announced during the presentation.

The experts noted that owing to socially oriented government policy, Turkmenistan is distinguished with high level of human development. All large-scale government programmes and reforms are aimed at stable growth of prosperity of the citizens of the country and reaching of the level of developed states of the world.

Cooperation with the United Nations Organization and active participation in its activity for implementation of 2030 Global Agenda are the main priorities of the government policy of Turkmenistan.

The first Voluntary National Review of Turkmenistan on Sustainable Development Goals, which had demonstrated practice of our country in implementation of the UN Strategy, presented under the ECOSOC Political Forum in New York last July, was another evidence of this.