On April 21, 2022, the first online meeting of the Turkmen-Italian working group on cultural cooperation was held. The negotiations were organized with the support of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Italy.

The Turkmen part of the working group, headed by the Deputy Minister of Culture, was represented by the heads and employees of various institutions of the country's socio-cultural sphere.

During the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism of Italy gave a briefing on the work carried out by the department, covering a wide range of areas, in particular, archives, digitalization of materials, organization of exhibitions, archaeological research and monitoring of lands and objects of historical and cultural significance through remote sensing and space photography.

The head of the office of the Deputy Minister of Culture of Italy, Virto D'Adamo, put forward proposals for cooperation with Turkmenistan in the field of archaeological research and interaction within the framework of UNESCO programs for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage sites.

During the meeting, Marco Puconi, head of the Higher Institute for the Conservation and Restoration of Italy, specializing in the conservation of works of art and cultural heritage, gave a brief overview of the activities and partnership programs of the institution he represents.

 The parties voiced ideas and opinions on ways to expand cooperation between Turkmenistan and Italy in the cultural and scientific fields. In particular, readiness was expressed to deepen contacts and exchange of experience in the field of restoration, conservation and archiving. The possibility of organizing online seminars and trainings on the restoration of archaeological finds and manuscripts, master classes in vocal art and folk instruments of Italy and Turkmenistan was also discussed.

The prospect of organizing an exhibition of Turkmen exhibits of the Bronze Age in one of the museums in Italy was considered. In particular, the proposal to hold an exhibition in Italy with archaeological artifacts from Margiana and Ancient Parthia was reaffirmed.

The members of the Working Group were asked to reinforce the ideas and proposals voiced during the meeting with an action plan or a cultural exchange program for further steps in the implementation of joint projects.