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11 1월

National Parliament adopts new laws and brings back historical names to some settlements

Regular 26th session of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fifth convocation where number of new laws and bills were adopted took place. Members of the Government, heads of relative ministries and departments, hyakims of Ashgabat and Ahal Velayat, representatives of mass media were invited to participate in the session.  According to the agenda, Draft Law of Turkmenistan on Transport Safety was brought up to the review of the parliamentarians. The participants noted that 2018 would be under th...

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5 1월


After considering the results of the conducted audience survey, the Italian TV channel “Rai Tre” named the best travel destinations for 2018. The news agency “О” informs that Turkmenistan became the leader of the survey in the nomination "History". It is reported that the views of tourists who visited different parts of the world were studied after numerous television programs on tourism and travel, shot by the channel on the most popular destinations. Remarkably, there are many hi...

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11 12월

국제 중립의 날 기념하여 주한 투르크메니스탄 대사관에서 브리핑을 개최 되었다

On December 11, 2017 the briefing dedicated to the International Day of Neutrality was held at the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Korea. State and public organizations, business structures were invited to the briefing. During the briefing it was noted that on February 2, 2017, during its 71st session, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted resolution 71/275, by which December 12 was proclaimed the International Day of Neutrality. The initiative to establish the International...

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29 11월

투르크메니스탄 대통령의 "거대한 실크로드의 심장 - 투르크메니스탄" 책이 세종 대학교에서 소개 되었다

The event was organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Korea together with Sejong University. Professors and lecturers, students and graduates of the University, the Chairman of Korea - Central Asia Friendship Association, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Seoul as well as the press took part in the event. The role of the Great Silk Road in the development of economic, diplomatic, humanitarian relations between the East and the West and importance of the book i...

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14 11월

The sixth meeting of the regional organizations of Central Asia involved in the issues of sustainable development and water resources management in Central Asia with the participation of representatives of the IFAS branch offices in the countries.

The sixth meeting of the regional organizations of Central Asia involved in the sustainable development and water resources management in Central Asia with the participation of representatives of the Executive Committee of IFAS in the countries organized by The Regional Environmental Center of Central Asia and the Executive Committee of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan was held on November 13-14 in the framework...

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4 11월


4 ноября 2017 года состоялось 24-ое заседание Меджлиса пятого созыва, на котором депутаты рассмотрели и приняли ряд законов и нормативно-правовых актов. В числе принятых правовых актов – законы Туркменистана «О правовой охране изобретений», «О правовой охране промышленных образцов», «О внесении изменений и дополнения в Гражданский процессуальный кодекс Туркменистана», «О внесении изменений в Семейный кодекс Туркменистана», «О внесении изменений и дополнения в Закон Туркменистана «Об исполните...

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20 10월


20 октября 2017 года во Дворце «Мекан» состоялась презентация новой книги Президента Гурбангулы Бердымухамедова «Туркменистан – сердце Великого Шёлкового пути». В торжественном мероприятии приняли участие члены Правительства, представители дипломатических миссий и международных организаций, аккредитованных в нашей стране, а также представители общественности, СМИ, студенческая молодёжь. Название нового произведения главы государства - «Туркменистан – сердце Великого Шёлкового пути», выбранное...

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